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Art Therapy for Individuals



Art Therapy is a unique approach to healing that combines visual art and psychotherapy within the rich grounding of the creative process. A somatic art therapy approach also integrates the knowing of the body to help overcome blocks that are hard to access through traditional talk therapy. Approaching healing with creativity can have a transformative effect and lead to renewed life energy.


Though many people have some initial hesitation about creating art as part of therapy, I find that any discomfort diminishes quickly. The focus of art therapy is on the gifts of the "art process," rather than creating an "art product." In general, art therapy sessions include a period of talking (clarify concerns, goals, ongoing reflections), a time of engaging with the art materials and then a therapeutic discussion. The flow, content and approach of each art therapy session depends on what is most relevant to you.


Counselling for Individuals

I believe that therapy is a collaborative processes that requires the knowledge and insights of both client and therapist to be successful. You arrive with your expertise about you and your life context, while I contribute my skills, knowledge and insights to help you get closer to the life and relationships you envision. My counselling practice draws on Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Solution Focused Brief therapy, systems perspectives and Somatic Transformation to help you achieve greater harmony and balance.


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